• Early development is fundamental to the future of children
  • Helping children through fun and creativity
  • Caring for children as if they are our own
  • This would not be possible without the generosity of sponsors and friends of Brak en Jan


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A note from the chairman.

Dear sponsors, friends, parents, teachers and board members.
Day 52 of the national lockdown.
We weathered the storm of level 5 lockdown. A new way of life dawned on us: wearing face masks, washing and sanitising hands frequently and leaving homes for essentials shopping and doctor’s visits only. God’s grace and inspiring messages on Watts app and zoom/skype assisted us in this very strange reality.
How delightful the day was when Mr Ramaphosa announced that we move to level 4 lockdown! Early morning exercise opportunities, more freedom of movement as well as certain sectors of the economy opening up, made it feel like an early Christmas. Waiting in long queues (social distancing purposes) could not dampen the excitement. 
Amidst the excitement there was a lot of uncertainty, worry and despair as many people were without an income and resources were running low. We were blessed by much appreciated, generous donations from our sponsors and friends. With the help of the teachers, food parcels, masks, books and more could be delivered to 52 families in need in the Brak en Jan community.
Educational and general support is given to the children and their families, by the teachers, via Watts app. Regular communication with the different DSD (Department of social Development) and Department of Education platforms keep the teachers motivated and up to date with the latest information from government.   
As we are looking forward to have the children back at school (no indication of when yet) the measures to be put into place to adhere to requirements for social distancing, personal and environmental sanitisation and the safety of our staff, comes to mind. Research and advice from different sources, like Masikhule, aid in this decision making and preparation to be undertaken.
A heartfelt thank you to everyone for their thoughts and prayers, contributions and donations, helping hands and information shared.
 In the words of Albert Schweitzer: “At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us.” Let us be the sparks that keep the lights in each other’s life’s on.
May you be blessed with good health, strength, hope and peace in these challenging times.
Christa de Freitas   


South Africa declared a national lockdown on March 26th, this followed the closures of the schools

on March 16th. As a result many  of the parents of the children stopped receiving any income.


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In April our Principal Mearle received desperate requests for food  from parents of 52 of our children.

As a result we decided to make up food parcels from our Food Store. Within 24 hrs all those parents

on the Wine Farms and in Macassar received their food.

A Virus Newsletter was sent out requesting donations to refill the food store so that we are ready

for the next delivery to the parents. The newsletter is available to download on this website under News.

It is highly unlikely that Brak en Jan will resume before July 1st. We have amazing staff and children 

and we will ensure that the staff salaries continue to be paid and that we will continue to support the 

families of the children where required. 

On May 6th we delivered further food parcels to our children and families. Sandi and Kirsty, parents of Somerset

College learners donated, face masks, books, soap, bread and spreads to go into the parcels.

A huge thank you to all our sponsors for their donations, love and support in these very diificult times.

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